The Sun Exchange, when sunshine has an impact

The project holder

Abraham Cambridge is the founder of The Sun Exchange. After completing his Master's degree in climate change science, he realized that climate change was the main threat to humanity.

He then began studying the management of environmental systems and how companies could adjust to have a reduced impact on the environment.

The Genesis of the project

It was at the end of his studies that Abraham realized that energy consumption is by far the biggest issue and the biggest impact an organization can have. So he decided to make it his mission.

Abraham found that solar panels were the most accessible form of renewable energy. Then, after years of experience and analysis, he decided to use crypto currency. He uses Bitcoin as a transaction system to send money around the world. He then realizes that if he can combine these two technologies, solar panels and crypto currency, which allows you to pay directly in cash, it would be possible for anyone to own solar panels paid for in Bitcoin, and legally installed in the country.

This is how The Sun Exchange was born, because people want the world to become solar but feel powerless because they live in apartments and the government prevents them from doing so.

The concept

The Sun Exchange is a platform for buying solar panels from one person to another. The company's mission is to connect the world to the sun. It allows everyone, in any country, to own solar panels that are located in very sunny places.

These solar panels provide clean and affordable energy to high-impact projects such as schools, retirement homes and supermarkets. In return, the owners of these solar panels receive a revenue stream over a 20-year period because they provide the opportunity for these projects to obtain solar energy.

This whole process is fully integrated on platform. The Sun Exchange currently has members in 157 countries.


«The Sun Exchange lets you monetise sunshine in a few simple steps» Abraham.

The impact

Consumers buy solar panels through this platform because they produce a three-dimensional impact. First, they receive a revenue stream by investing in these projects. Secondly, there is obviously a social impact by offering clean and cheap energy to institutions and businesses that need it. And finally, the environmental impact is huge, every kilo per hour of electricity produced through the platform prevents one kilo of coal from being released into the atmosphere.

For more information, please do not hesitate to consult The Sun Exchange's website!

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