Petite Betty, the upcycled fashion

The project holder

On February 6, 2020, we met Erin, the South African founder of the children's ready-to-wear brand Petite Betty.

We interviewed her in her neighbourhood of Salt Rock, where she raises her two little girls who bring her passion for children's accessories and inspiration for her new products every day.

The Genesis of the project

Erin developed her passion for children's accessories with the arrival of her two little girls. The founder has always loved trying on and making hair ornaments such as barrettes and headbands since she was a young child.

She then started using bits of fabric she had bought before and then decided to start her own business, not finding responsible brands to dress her two daughters. As she learned more about fabric, she realized that she was using a lot of polyester and plastic-based fabrics.

Aware of environmental issues, Erin began to make her brand's accessories using only natural fibre-based fabrics.

The concept

Petite Betty is a brand of ready-to-wear and accessories for children, specializing in the handcrafted manufacture of artistic hair barrettes. All the fabrics used by the brand are made of natural fibers, cotton or linen.

Concerned about waste management, Erin offers its accessories biodegradable and reusable packaging to fight against plastic waste. Her fabrics are made in South Africa, and she remains very attentive to the production and source of each of her materials. Today, the majority of its fabrics are upcycled. Indeed, Erin invests in her community and regularly offers to bring in scraps of unused fabrics to convert them into new products. This allows Petite Betty to offer an exclusive and original range of accessories.

Through her brand, Erin wants to show her daughters that by using natural fibres, taking and recycling what we have at home, it is possible to make wonderful products.

«The welfare of my daughters has opened my eyes.» Erin.

The impact

All fabrics are locally produced and made from natural or recycled fibres. According to the brand's founder, her customers buy from Petite Betty because they are looking for responsible, consciously manufactured and environmentally friendly accessories.

For her, there is still a huge gap between consumers in South Africa. The brand's customers are part of the group that is looking for sustainable products and values that they want to instil in their children.

For more information, please do not hesistate to consult the Petite Betty's Instagram account!

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