Ocean Plastic, that concept that give a second life to waste

The founder

On February 6th, we had the chance to meet Oliver Nudds, the founder of the Ocean Plastic Technologies. The goal of this company is to give several and various lives to plastic waste.

Aware and affected by the environmental problems related to plastic waste, Oliver has been working on the principle of circular economy for many years. Through his company and with the support of a team of 25 people, he wants to share his plastic recycling solution to fight against the growing global pollution.

The creation of the project

Oliver embarked on Ocean Plastic's adventure more than three years ago, driven by his need to help the planet and his desire to educate South Africans about the circular economy, a subject that is still very little practiced in this country. According to him, many companies today specialize in collecting and collecting plastic, but he wanted to offer more.

Indeed, he quickly realized that the process of extracting and especially sorting the waste recovered from the ocean is very expensive and requires a very large amount of human labour. This is why only 70% of the plastics from the sea are recycled into new products.

Frightened by this observation, he set himself the task of inventing a way to facilitate this transformation. A few months later, Ocean Plastic was born.

The concept

This innovative and inspiring technology aims to offer several very different lives to the plastic recovered, mainly from the oceans. Concretely, Ocean Plastic consists in developing promotional objects, adapted to the customer's needs, for large companies. Each object is imagined, tested, manufactured and cleaned in its own warehouse near Durban. The technology implemented allows to absorb the cost and the time necessary to sort the plastics coming from the recovered ocean.

The central idea of this ecological company is to explain and educate customers that each plastic is recyclable so that at the end of each object's life, they can think about returning it to Oliver's teams. It will then be transformed into a new product. This is why, at the beginning of each new collaboration and through all the steps that lead to the development of a new product, the staff is trained to explain the creation process to the customers. In this way, the principle of circular economy is no longer a meaningless word, but an attainable and easy concept.

The impact

Each month, Oliver and his team recycle an average of over 100 tons of plastic. From an ecological point of view, this innovation is therefore very beneficial for the regions they operate in. In addition, the impact is very positive on the side of his customers. Indeed, it is a winning solution for companies in terms of return on investment and money savings. Finally, this company impacts many South Africans. Indeed, the population is very little aware of the problems linked to plastics. But when they are told that it is possible to give a second life to plastic, it quickly makes sense.

Oliver decided to write a number underneath each object, representing the number of lives he has had. Consumers then also feel more and more invested in this subject because they are passionate about the fact that a single plastic can give a plastic cup and then a key ring or a flower pot for example.

"You have to treat plastic like a friend because every time you reject it, it dies. But if you recycle it, you give it a long life" Oliver Nudds.

For more information, please have a look to Ocean Plastic Technologies website!

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