Ocean Jewels, responsible and respectful restaurant

The project holder

Julie Carter is the founder of the Ocean Jewels restaurant. It was her father, a fisherman in a small South African village, who passed on to her the love of fishing and the passion for fresh fish.

Julie grows up eating a wide variety of fresh fish in an environment where quality of product is essential. She then decided to study at a hotel school and spent 12 years of her life working with leading South African caterers.

The Genesis of the project

The quality of food then becomes a growing interest in his life. So she decided to start her own business as she had always wanted. After being bathed from a very young age in good seafood, she founded Ocean Jewels.

It all happened very quickly and very naturally for Julie, she was impressed to see how much her customers liked the quality of her products.

The concept

Ocean Jewels is a restaurant located in Cape Town, South Africa. It offers its customers freshly caught seafood.

Julie Carter is assisted by five active members, all of whom share the same passion and know how to recognize a fresh fish from a fish that is not.

«The key of success is to listen to the needs and wants of the consumers» Julie.

The idea of this restaurant is to meet the needs of consumers who want to eat in a more responsible way, who value the local origin of what they eat and want to know the origin of the products they have on their plate.

For the entire Ocean Jewels team, the quality of the fish takes precedence over everything else. To do so, they must be attentive to every step of the process. They know how the fish is caught, how it is processed and how long it takes to get to the kitchen. The restaurant is supported by an initiative called "SASSI" which supports responsible fishing and respect for the environment.

The impact

The impact of Julie's restaurant is very positive on her customers. Indeed, the service offered at Ocean Jewels is very personalized.

The restaurant's customers are often regulars, Julie knows their tastes in terms of seafood and each dish is prepared with the customer in mind. According to the founder, many consumers in South Africa today are very conscious of what they are buying, they care about the source of the products they consume and they are doing something for the planet.

Nevertheless, there is still a large group of people who do not look at the impact of their purchases on the environment. Finally, the savings in transport energy and therefore the reduction in pollution is considerable when we know that all the ingredients come directly from within a radius of 70 kilometres. The promise of this atypical restaurant is therefore to offer the customer enlightened, local and healthy consumption.

For more information, please do not hesitate to consult the Ocean Jewels' website !

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