Distillery 031, artisan spirits

The project holder

Andrew Rall is the founder of the Durban distillery in South Africa, Distillery 031. His passion for distillation and the different flavours of spirits began in 2000 after an instructive trip to Scotland.

He then continued his apprenticeship on artisanal spirits in France, Norway, Brazil and the United States. In 2007, he decided to transform his garden into a small distillery to start his experiments in South Africa.

The genesis of the project

For many years Andrew Rall has had a passion for craft spirits, but especially for his hometown, Durban. It is a charming and authentic city, with different landscapes and cultures. It is this seductive mix that has inspired the founder of the place for many years.

In 2008, Andrew founded his own distillery in the heart of Durban to develop his own recipes. He decided to call it Distillery 031, in reference to the Durban city code.

The concept

Distillery 031 is an artisanal distillery based in Durban, South Africa. It is none other than the largest craft distillery in the Kwazulu region of South Africa. It offers its customers a long list of alcoholic products, manufactured and made on site.

All the products used and the activities carried out come from the city of Durban. When we think of South Africa, we immediately think of Johannesburg, the financial capital of the country, or Cape Town for its beauty and mountains.

Nevertheless, Durban is a very charming city with a variety of landscapes to contemplate, we find the ocean, beautiful beaches as well as a very urban part.

It is from this diversity in terms of nature and culture that Disitillery 031 draws its ingredients and flavours. Indeed, all the company's products are made locally. For example, the famous Durban Gin offered by Distillery 031 is made only from natural and local ingredients.

The flavours of this alcohol come from the many sugar cane fields that surround the city of Durban. In addition, the packaging used for the products bears witness to the city's omnipresent flora with banana leaves and palm trees. Each product has local flavours, representative of Durban.

The distillery also hosts and organises a wide variety of events to bring its creative place to life.

The impact

Distillery 031 is available in two impacts. First, an environmental impact. Indeed, all lovers of good products in terms of alcohol are familiar with the distillery. They make the choice to consume within it because they are looking for local products that inspire them and represent their region.

The locals appreciate the ingredients because they are homemade flavours, they feel reassured to consume responsible products and it is very important for them to know that nothing is imported from another country. Secondly, a social impact. Before the creation of this project, the company's building was empty, not much was happening there. Since the distillery became known, the area around the plant has evolved and many creative and social concepts have been developed. Distillery 031 now offers many craftsmen, local artists and many committed brands the opportunity to present their products around their bar in a warm atmosphere.

For more information, please do not hesitate to consult Distillery 031's website !

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