Avondale Wine, the art of ecological wine

The founder

In 1997, the Grieve family decided to buy the Avondale farm.

The youngest son, Johnathan Grieve, decided later to transform the farm into a vineyard that he called Avondale Wine. For the founder, each wine has its own character and personality. It was essential for him to produce wines with a unique taste, far from mass products.

The creation of the project

At the start of this project, the Avondale vineyard was nothing more than an ordinary and conventional vineyard. It was in the early 2000s that Johnathan decided to change its practices.

Aware of the power of the agricultural soil and the benefits of nature, Johnathan installed new organic and bio-dynamic practices on his estate. Using nature as the centrepiece of his land, he plants new vines, builds fertile soil and sets himself the goal of producing unique wines while using and respecting the environment.

The concept

The idea of this estate is to specialize in artisanal wines. It is considered as a responsible vineyard thanks to its high use of the environment. Avondale offers a wide range of wines, both red and white. These high-end organic wines are more expressive and elegant than conventional wines. Johnathan does not seek to make its wines into mass products that can be found in any coffee shop.

«It is important for him to create unique flavours because that is the beauty of wine. If you want a mass market drink, buy a beer, » Johnathan.

He is in a market that is largely outside South Africa. Indeed, 77% of the products are exported to Europe and the United States. The Avondale estate is a living dynamic system, which includes nature, animals and humans. It uses the quality of its soil to create unusual flavours. Each wine is produced naturally and, above all, slowly.

We let nature do its work, we add nothing, to capture the fruit and the expression of the grape. The specific control of the land and the system that works cleanly and respects the environment are the values of Avondale.

The farm does not use any chemical products or pesticides, but organic insecticides that respect the planet. To give an example, the site has experienced many problems due to a number of snails deployed in the vines. To avoid solving this problem with toxic products, they found another, much more responsible way, snail-eating ducks.

The impact

Customers who buy the estate's wines no longer come only because the flavours are special and unique, but also and above all because they know that the use of organic and bio-dynamic techniques offers the pure essence of the bunch. Thanks to the Eco Wine Safari experience offered by Avondale, customers can explore the entire process of organic wine production. They can then realize and understand how it is possible to produce wines in harmony with nature.

For more information, please consult Avondale's Wine website!

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